This old shipyard, along the banks of the Delaware River, was not accessible by the public due to the 2-line railing that had been there for many years. In order to turn this into a riverside park open to the public, the United States Army Corps had to replace the 2-line railing with “public access” infill panel railing.

As they have done for all the locks and dams along the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers and most locks in the US, the Army Corps selected Hollaender’s Speed-Rail® railing system with 2" x 2" wire mesh infill panels. This railing fit into the “industrial look” of the sur- rounding buildings and facili-es in the shipyard, and the aluminum railing with e-coated steel panels will with- stand all of the humidity that the local environment can throw at it.

The final product consists of 3,500 linear feet of railing that does the job, keeps the public safe at a reasonable cost, and allows this space to be used by families as well as workers.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Simone Collins Landscape Architects
Wire Mesh
e-coated and powdercoated 2x2" steel wire mesh infill


  • Speed-Rail® with Square Wire Mesh Infill Panels Speed-Rail® with Square Wire Mesh Infill Panels