Railing System Products

The Hollaender Manufacturing Company produces a wide array of architectural hand railing systems, from non-welded aluminum rails to stainless steel structural glass.  Our recognized railing designs include Interna-Rail®, Speed-Rail® and Newman by Hollaender™ (formerly known as Newman Brothers Railing).

These hand and guard railing systems meet the IBC and ADA codes. The Hollaender engineering staff can provide delegated design services to demonstrate our compliance, if needed.

Infills are available in a wide variety of materials, all of which have been tested to meet the IBC code. We offer tempered glass in both monolithic and laminated, along with resin panels in both PETG and acrylic. Metal panels can be supplied in mesh, perforated or a more exotic pattern. Material for these metal panels range from aluminum to e-coated steel to stainless steel.

Finishes are available for our hand rails in a wide range of different patterns, colors and textures.  Aluminum systems can be anodized with clear and bronze options, or powder coated in almost any color imaginable for your job requirement.  Our steel infill panels are produced in the same wide array of colors, but are first e-coated to protect against corrosion. Our stainless-steel rail systems look great with a direction or circular brush, and panels can also be supplied in a bright dip.

Newman by Hollaender™ Structural Glass

Newman by Hollaender™ (formerly Newman Brothers Railing) can be structural glass railing, button railing, or panel clip railing, all in stainless steel.

Interna-Rail® VUE

Interna-Rail® VUE is a post mounted glass railing system where the glass is captured at the posts, emphasizing maximum transparency and low cost.

Interna-Rail® KLEAR

Interna-Rail® KLEAR is a glass railing alternative that minimizes any horizontal elements and keeps the glass attachments at the post.


With its external slip-on fittings, this railing design is popular when an “industrial look” is desired. Speed-Rail railing systems are very popular in landscape & exterior applications.

ADA Compliant Handrail

ADA compliant aluminum and stainless steel handrails are available in both a pre-engineered completely fabricated version and as a knock down kits of parts.

Smoke Baffles

Smoke baffles (aka draft curtains) are engineered to meet NFPA and IBC codes.

VISION Stainless Steel Railing

VISION Railing is a stainless steel railing system with “in-line” panel clips that support the panels.


Interna-Rail® aluminum hand railing systems have in-line fittings that produce an architectural and highly pleasing aesthetic look. The infills can be glass, steel or aluminum in mesh or perforated, resin, and picket style.